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What Makes Good End of Tenancy Cleaners?

April 12, 2018

Where do I get good cleaning tenancy services in London? That is a question that is often from people moving houses in the city. While cleaning services have risen in number, getting a good affordable service can be challenging at times. A professional cleaning service does not have to be expensive either. There are many professional and experienced cleaning services in London if you know what to look for when comparing different cleaning services. Here are a few characteristics of a good cleaning service.

Skilled cleaning staff

A professional cleaning service should show a crew of well-trained cleaning staff. Some cleaning services will go for unskilled undocumented immigrants who can be paid less than what is legally required. This can also put you at risk as a client because these people who have not been vetted are not easy to trace in the event that there is a theft or any other unfortunate event.

Insured services

Cleaning tenancy services in London should be insured while carrying out their business. You will want to follow this requirement strictly to safeguard your interests. If the cleaning crew breaks anything while doing the cleaning, the insurance will replace it instead of dipping into your pocket. You will also not be liable for injuries to the cleaners or other people.

Visible offices

Some unscrupulous people advertise services for end of tenancy cleaning and then sub-contract the work when you engage them. This kind of arrangement gets tricky when the job is not done properly and you want it repeated.

If you can, visit the offices of a cleaning service especially if the cleaning charge involved is hefty. Going to the office will also allow you to vet the capacity of the cleaning service. Are there workers around? Is there visible cleaning equipment? How professional does the staff look? Are they in clean new looking uniforms or discoloured and tattered outfits?

Proper paperwork

Professional end of tenancy cleaners in London will want to do things in the right procedure so as to safeguard both sides. You will get a price quotation which you can negotiate. If you agree on the price, you will be asked to make a service order detailing the tasks to be done. The cleaning service will then perform the work and ask you to review it. If you are satisfied with the work, you receive an invoice for the work. You finally make a payment and get a receipt.

There are many cleaning tenancy services in London. Check out for the above characteristics and you will have the right one for your job.

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