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Vectorized Transportation Means .EPS
Good, today I bring you a pack of vectors that are great, special to apply in one of our designs. This pack consists of 7 vectors in .EPS format to be executed with Adobe Illustrator. The pack that compressed in a .Zip and uploaded to RapidShare, has a size of 5.4 MB. The creator of this beautiful resource I think is a member of a team called GFX Treasulerand and is free. Without more anything to say, I leave the download link below, I hope it serves and use it in their new designs. [download id = “28”] Greetings!

Daily Inspiration # 3
The truth is that the Daily Inspiration was very well received by my readers and for that reason, in each installment that I leave, I put more impeƱo and dedication, maybe they need more resources but for now I have not found anything interesting, but I’m putting something together great, a great compilation that you will surely love. In this installment you will find more photomanipulations than ever, is that I have dedicated more to that theme. Typographies: Photo Manipulations: Ready, those are the designs of today, I hope you like them. Regards!

60 Typographic Designs to Inspire
Today I wanted to present you with a collection of typographical designs that, with the passage of time, are gaining prominence among the designs. The style of each can be very varied and personalized depending on the artist. The reason for this compilation is that I personally love these designs, and here are some of my favorites. The collection comes from deviantart and I have selected the most creative ones to offer the best designs. It consists of 61 very varied designs, some are similar, but in a collection of so many designs it is difficult that this does not happen These can give you an idea for the creation of your own. Regardless of what each design tries to express, the complexity that the letters and embellishments that include these can take are those that really make them true works of art. Paper textures are usually used to highlight letters, but that does not always happen. Frozen *** Times Type Factory *** Classical Guitar *** Chaos is my name *** Typography rainbow colors *** Journal *** designers do not commit crimes *** Crosstown Traffic *** Culture *** More *** Typo *** DifferentHuman *** Typography *** Lets get lost tonight *** New Area *** Typography the future *** Faux Ankom *** Digital Art *** I Can Live *** Erock *** The Asylum *** Live your life *** Them *** Full Spectrum Dominance *** The Gift v2 *** Set The World On Fire *** Typography *** Detroit Colored *** Distracted * ** Dangerous *** Nu rave *** Ama typography *** The art is a form of life *** Be Creative Typography *** Typography …

Daily Inspiration # 2
Good, here I bring the second installment, I should have published on Monday but I had some problems in my pc and today just solved, so forgive and I hope you serve this delivery that is better than the previous one and accept the advice of a reader, where he said that he had to separate the designs by categories, I think that is how it is more neat. Vectors: Typographic: Advertising: Painting: Ready, finally finish: D I hope you serve them. Regards!

Daily Inspiration # 1
Good morning, looking to publish with a friend, we came up with what they do in Abduzeedo, Vectips and other sites, is published weekly and daily inspirational designs. What I am going to do is do it, as much as possible, daily so that you can enjoy the best designs and, at the same time, be inspired to do your own. I will publish designs of various categories, such as, Vectors, Digital Painting, Compositions, Typographical, etc. I hope you find it useful and if you like it, leave comments for me to continue publishing. Then, I leave the designs of today, click on the image to see it in its original size: Ready, those are the designs of today, I hope to publish more tomorrow. Regards!

Interview with the Founder of Envato, Collis Ta’eed – Answers
Good readers, the day has finally arrived, Collis Ta’eed has answered the interview we had all together in this article. Unfortunately, he did not understand the translation of some and he has not answered them but I appreciate everything equally. Interview with this great and interesting person was a satisfactory experience, since I received your mail until the end, it has moved me a lot, I hope that the same feeling will produce you too. Below you can find the answers with their respective questions: Did you need any capital injection to make the project what it is today? We have been very fortunate to have our own business with funds. In the first days, the four co-founders donated our savings that were used to build the business. The best thing about this decision was that we did not have foreigners saying that we should do and what we should not do.